Marriage License


Marriage License requirements:

   •Both applicants need to be present.

   •Both need to be at least 18 years of age.

   •Both need current legal picture ID or birth certificate.

   •Both need proof of Social Security number (SS card, W2, or Tax Return)

   •Both need to be sure that names on picture ID's and proof of Social Security     Numbers match.

   •Fee is $25.00 cash or credit card, cash only after 5:00 pm.

   •Parental consent if 16 or 17 years of age.

   •Court order if 15 years of age.

   •Marriage licenses are issued and valid immediately.

   •Marriage licenses do not expire.

   •Blood tests are not required.

   •Wedding ceremony must be performed in the State of New Mexico.

   •Once the ceremony is performed, the license must be returned to the Clerk’s office to be recorded.


             For additional questions, please call the San Juan Clerk’s office at            (505) 334-9471

   New Mexico statute 40-1-2 outlines who may perform the wedding                    ceremony:

A. A person may solemnize the contract of matrimony by means of an ordained clergyman or authorized representative of a federally recognized Indian tribe, without regard to the sect to which he may belong or the rites and customs he may practice.

B. Judges, justices and magistrates of any of the courts established by the constitution of New Mexico, United States constitution, laws of the state or laws of the United States are civil magistrates having authority to solemnize contracts of matrimony.

C. Civil magistrates solemnizing contracts of matrimony shall charge no fee therefor. 


   The San Juan County Clerk's Office does not record divorce records. Divorce        records may be obtained at the DISTRICT COURT in the county where the            divorce was filed.
Office Hours:
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