Municipal Elections




  Municipal Elections are conducted by the City Clerk for the city   in which you live. Contact your respective City Clerk for more     information about municipal elections.

  City of Aztec
  Karla Sayler, City Clerk
  City of Aztec Municipal Complex
  201 W. Chaco
  Aztec, NM 87410
  (505) 334-7603

  City of Bloomfield
  Erikka Martinez, City Clerk
  915 N. First Street
  P.O. Box 1839

  Bloomfield , NM 87413
  (505) 632-6300

  City of Farmington
  Dianne Smylie, City Clerk
  800 Municipal Dr Farmington, NM 87401
  (505) 599-1106
  Town of Kirtland
  Gwen Warner, City Clerk
  P.O. Box 1887