Recording Department





  The County Clerk's Office records Deeds, Mortgages,                  Leases and other Real Estate documents.


  Document Filing Requirements

  1.  Document must be the original or a court certified copy.

  1.  Property must be identified with a Grantor (seller) and Grantee           (buyer).

  1.  On Deeds the grantor must sign the document.

  1.  Street address will not be accepted. A complete legal description is   required for transfer of property.
  1.  Notary information must be complete. Signature, date, seal, and          expiration date is required.

  1. 1” x 4” space is required for the recording label on each page.

  1. Include contact information with all documents.

  1. Documents must be legible and reproducible after they have been scanned.

   IF RECORDING IN PERSON - bring the original document or certified        copy of the original in between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.,              Monday - Friday. If your document meets all of the requirements and you    pay the appropriate fees, your document will be recorded in the order          it was received. Once the document is scanned and the image is                verified, our office will return the original back you.


   IF SUBMITTING DOCUMENTS BY MAIL – please include a check or        money order for the appropriate amount, please see our recording fee        schedule. Make checks payable to: San Juan County Clerk and mail the    document along with payment and your contact information to P.O.            BOX 550, Aztec, New Mexico 87410. Once we have received your              document(s) and payment, we will determine if it will be either accepted      or rejected. If it is rejected, your document and payment will be mailed        back to you unrecorded with an explanation of why it was rejected.              Accepted documents will follow the procedure as stated above.


   Birth and death certificates are handled by the State of New Mexico. Click here for more          information.

   Q. As a new property owner, where do I go, and what steps should I take to record my            ownership documents on a piece of property? And where do I go to have a document              recorded?
   A. Go to the County Clerk's Office and record the ownership documents. The Recording                    Department records documents such as real estate contracts, and all new purchases or                    transfers of real property. We also record State and Federal liens, discharge papers, death              certificates, hospital liens and release of liens, mortgages, living trusts, power of attorney, deeds      of trust plats, quit claim deeds and transcripts of judgement. There are over 150 instruments of        public record.

   Q. Why would the County Assessor’s Office refer me to the County Clerk’s office to obtain    the recording date for my deed?
   A. Whenever an individual wishes to assess property into his or her name, the Assessor requires    a legal instrument proving ownership. If the document has been recorded with the ounty                    Clerk the property owner can obtain a copy of proof of ownership. If you are recording your real        estate contract, mortgage, warranty deed, or other proof of ownership for the first time, the                document must then be presented to the County Assessor’s Office to ensure that the new                owner’s name and mailing address is recorded onto the property assessment records.                      Exemptions may be added into assessment records.
   The Recording Department phone number is 505-334-9471 and the Assessor's office is 334-            6157.

   Q What are the recording fees?
   A. Recording and Filing fees are $25.00 first ten (10) entries and $25.00 for each additional ten        (10) entries. See Fee Schedule.

   Q. Can I record a copy, or must I record the original document?
   A. The County Clerk’s Office requires the original document, which must be signed by all                  pertinent parties and notarized. The original document is returned to you after being scanned,          recorded, and indexed. If the original document cannot be obtained, a certified copy of the                document will be accepted in lieu of the original. This information may also be retrieved by using      the buyer’s name (grantee), the seller’s name (grantor), or the document’s reception number.

   Q Can I obtain copies of recorded documents?
   A. Copies of recorded documents are available for purchase. Those certified as being true and        correct copies from the County Clerk’s records are certified for $2.00. Uncertified copies are $1.00    per page. Certified copies of marriage records are $2.00.

   Q. Can the County Clerk’s Office search the records and tell me who owns a particular            piece of real estate and whether there are any mortgages or liens on the property?
   A. The County Clerk’s staff will not process detailed real estate searches. Contact a Title                 Company for assistance. However, information on real estate transactions, mortgages, or liens         can be provided. The County Clerk's Office also provides a Public Search Area for customers           who wish to research Public Information on their own.

   Q. Can the County Clerk’s staff locate the property owner’s name if given a legal                      description of the property?
   A. No. The County Clerk’s real estate records in the Recording and Filing Dept. are indexed by        real estate transaction numbers or by grantors and grantees (sellers and buyers) with the date of      the transaction. Historic microfiche records of buyers and sellers of real estate are located in the      real estate section of Recording and Filing.

   Q. Can the County Clerk’s staff tell whether there are any liens on my property?
   A. Yes. We can assist you with any questions regarding real estate and public record.

   Q. Are copies of subdivision maps available in the County Clerk’s Office?
   A. Yes. Copies of recorded maps are filed and indexed by subdivision and are available for              viewing. Copies may be purchased for $5.00 per page.

   Q. A lien has been placed on my property. I have paid off the note, how do I remove the lien    from the County Clerk’s record?
   A. Even after the debt has been paid, a record of the lien will remain. A Release of the lien must      be filed by the person or company who first filed the lien, stating that the lien has been paid or          satisfied.

   Q. If there is a lien on my property, what information will the Clerk’s records contain?
   A. The Clerk’s staff in the Recording and Filing Dept. can provide information on the total amount    of the lien and the lien holder’s name. Any additional information should be obtained from the            lien holder.
   Q If my spouse and I own property in joint tenancy and my spouse dies, how do I obtain        sole title to the property?
   A. Usually, you can record the Death Certificate in the County Clerk’s Office in the Recording and    Filing Dept. and present the certificate to the County Assessor’s Office to change the assessment    records. However, if the property is not held in joint tenancy, processing the estate in Probate          Court may be required. You should obtain legal advice on all real estate transactions relating to        your particular situation. The staff of the County Clerk’s Office cannot advise you on legal                  questions. The Probate Court phone number is: 505-334-9471, or you may click here for more          information.

   Q. Whom should I call with additional questions about public records at the County Clerk’s    Office?
   A. Call or visit the County Clerk's Office. The County Clerk's office is located at 100 South Oliver      Drive, Suite 200, Aztec, New Mexico 87410. Our phone number is 505-334-9471.
   Map and Plat Recording: The County Clerk’s Office files and records Real Estate subdivision        maps and plats and is custodian of the records. Copies of maps and plats may be purchased for      $5.00.

   Marriage Licenses: By law, the County Clerk’s Office is the only agency permitted to issue              marriage licenses. All marriage license application are permanently filed, as are marriage records.    The cost of a marriage license is $25, which must be paid in cash. More information may be              found here.

   Liquor Licenses: The County Clerk’s Office handles the collection of any fees involved with            liquor license hearings for license applicants, annual liquor license renewals, transfer of liquor          license hearings, and picnic permits that fall within the unincorporated areas of the County,              outside the city limits. The annual fee for a liquor license is $251. All liquor licenses are to be            renewed before July 1 of each year. More information may be found here.

   Maintenance of County Records: As ex-officio Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners,          the Clerk is responsible for the recording and maintaining of all minutes of the County                        Commission and of the County Board of Finance. As custodian of the records of the County, the      clerk maintains and stores these minutes and all resolutions and ordinances passed, all of which      are available for public access and research.

   The San Juan County Assessor and Treasurer are public offices. For further information, please      call the County Assessor at 505-334-6157 or the County Treasurer at 505-334-9421

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