Registering Voters





   To register voters New Mexico Election Law states you must be registered as a Third-Party              Registration Agent through the Secretary of State or the County Clerk.

   The Third Party Registration Agent form must be completed and notarized. Once submitted to the    Clerk, you will be issued a Voter Registration Agent (VRA) number which must be filled in on            every voter you register. The VRA number is assigned to an individual, regardless of which              organization you are working for.

   Initially, a pack of 20 forms will be assigned to you. At any time, you may request another packet,    but you will need to come to the County Clerk's office and personally request and sign for them.        Remember all forms will be issued and tracked to your name and agent ID number.

   The Secretary of State and the County Clerk's recommend keeping a ledger or log on any                concerns with your issued forms.

   The PRIVACY NOTICE of the voter registration form states that the applicant must provide their      full Social Security and date of birth pursuant to the New Mexico Election Code. If a voter                  applicant does not want to provide their full Social Security Number, you may complete the voter      registration form and return it to the County Clerk. Be sure you inform the voter applicant that            they will not be registered until the provide the full number to the County Clerk's Office.

   Voters must print legibly. For the address voter registrations must also, contain a physical                address, a description, or a map of where they live. A PO box may be put on the line provided as      well. When voter registrations are returned to the County Clerk we will determine what precinct        the voter lives in based on the information provided. If we are only provided with a PO Box for an      address, our office will mail the voter a letter requesting more information, and the person will          not be a registered voter until they provide it. Please make sure every voter registration has a          clear physical address.

   Please keep in mind that New Mexico has a closed Primary Election. To be able to vote in the          Primary, a voter must choose a major political party.

   After completing the voter registration, tear off the yellow receipt at the lower left side of the              registration and give it to the voter.

   There are individuals who use the Federal NVRA form. Existing state law requires the Social            Security Number and date of Birth to register regardless of the fact the Federal form shows it to        be optional.

   Once completed, voter registrations must be mailed or delivered to the County Clerk's Office            within 48 hours.

   For more information contact the County Clerk's office at 334-9471.