Voting Convenience Centers

Voting Convenience Centers

The Voting Convenience Center model, or "VCC" for short, is a concept   for administering Election Day voting that relies on open, non-precinct specific polling locations. Put simply, the VCC model takes the key attributes of early voting, greater convenience and choice, and extends them to Election Day voters. 

With VCCs, a voter can choose the time and place on Election Day that best fits into his/her busy daily schedule. Unlike the current single-precinct system where voters must find the one assigned location that is usually in the neighborhood where they registered to vote, VCCs offer at least 34 locations, some close to home and others close to work, school or other daily activities. With VCCs, there is no wrong place to vote on Election Day.


  Key objectives and benefits of Voting Convenience Centers:

  • Enhance overall voter experience ratings.


    Maintain or improve accessibility and convenience of Election Day voting


    The VCC model aims to balance elections resources as overall voting behavior continues to trend toward early and absentee voting. Recent election data indicates 60% - 70% of the electorate votes early or absentee in advance of Election Day. The VCC model "right-sizes" Election Day administration for the 30% - 40% of the electorate that chooses Election Day voting.


    The VCC model presents opportunities to improve the overall quality of election administration in San Juan County. 


    While VCC polling locations are fewer in number than the current model, it demonstrates that the open-precinct characteristic and the strategic placement of VCC locations maintains and, in most cases, improves voter accessibility and will increase voter satisfaction with the Election Day process.


    Recent surveys and polling done by UNM researchers indicate county voters have a favorable opinion of Voting Convenience Centers due to familiarity and success of the County’s early voting operation in previous elections.


For questions and/or comments regarding the Voting Convenience Center please contact the San Juan County Clerk's office by calling (505) 334-9471.